Hi Friend! This is a static copy of Mendicant's old Community Site. This project has been sunset therefore we are no longer updating it. For the latest news about the school, check out our main site. Thanks for visiting!

Well hey there. Thanks for checking out my page. So you want to know more about me do ya? Well then let's go take a look :smile: I wrote and maintain Mission of Mercy, a clinic management application for free dental clinics. I'm also a cofounder of Mendicant University which supports programmers in developing both their technical skills and their social contributions, to make a real positive impact upon the world. You may also have heard of my newsworthy work on Spot the Baddy: A crime spotting game for ages 5 and up.

I'm the technical lead on Mendicant University's OSS, including university-web, puzzlenode, and the site you're on right now, community. I've also released a few gems: md_preview unobtrusively adds markdown previews to textareas, md_emoji adds emoji parsing to markdown, and prawn-labels generates labels using Prawn.

Chargers Marching Band

When I take time for myself I enjoy playing my trumpet and practicing yoga. I started the University of New Haven Marching Band when I was a freshman in college.

I'm very fortunate enough to work for Madriska Inc. which is a development consulting company based in Chicago, IL. I do a little of everything for Madriska including project management, systems development, and a lot of rails work.