Hi Friend! This is a static copy of Mendicant's old Community Site. This project has been sunset therefore we are no longer updating it. For the latest news about the school, check out our main site. Thanks for visiting!

Hi! I am web developer that accidentally ended up studying business administration, albeit with a computer science minor, and I am graduating from Simon Fraser University in August 2012. I completed the Mendicant Core Skills course in January 2012 and loved it (check out the post on my blog). I have traveled to fourteen countries in Latin America (Central America, the Caribbean, and South America), and speak decent Spanish for someone who started learning only several years ago.

Feel free to contact me for any reason other than spam. Several good reasons to contact me include:
- You need a volunteer for a west coast tech conference or hackathon
- You would like to remote-pair with me
- You are curious about my experience at Mendicant University