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I'm Tobi - I'm pretty new to the world of open source, Ruby and agile - however it has been a fascinating journey so far and I'm eager to continue this journey. You can learn a bit more about what I pick up along the way on my blog.

So what do I work on in this open source world? I help out with HacketyHack, which is an awesome tool to teach kids how to learn to program. I'm also participating at Mendicant University as a mentor in our core skills courses. I'm also on the shoes mailing list and help out there every now and then since to me shoes is the coolest way to create GUIs I've come across, ever. Plus currently I try to put some polish to a student project I've been doing, where we build an online user story tracker for agile projects on Rails 3.2, it's called TracketyTrack and I think it's pretty cool =)

I enjoy learning new things (often in the form of books from The Pragmatic Bookshelf), solving problems and most of all teamwork and team accomplishments. Currently I'm still a student in the Master program of Software Engineering - currently as an exchange student in Sweden. If you want to see some pictures from Sweden, test your German or test google translate you can check out my little blog about my stay in Sweden.

So overall I like Ruby, web development, agile methods and practices but of course also a lot non technical stuff like Basketball (not just watch, I play it myself - they call me "Tiger"), music, philosophy and of course hang out with my friends.