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Who should study at Mendicant University?

In Greg Wilson's P2PU course on how to teach programmers, our second task was to try to figure out what kinds of learners we are targeting through the use of biographical sketches. Because Mendicant University already has a very real and diverse community, I simply couldn't allow myself to construct fictionalized bios as the exercise called for.

Because I still wanted to give the other students in Greg's class a sense of what Mendicant University's community members are like, and because I wanted to fulfill the spirit of the exercise if not the exact instructions, I did come up with a handful of broad-based personas that I feel map fairly accurately onto our alumni network. It was a real challenge and I feel it lacks the depth and subtleties that really make this community great, but it's still interesting to try to answer the question: who should study at Mendicant University?

I would love to hear what folks think about this essay, either via the alumni mailing list or via the public mendicant-research discussion list. I was quite uneasy trying to group and define you all, and would prefer if you help me by defining yourselves :)

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