Hi Friend! This is a static copy of Mendicant's old Community Site. This project has been sunset therefore we are no longer updating it. For the latest news about the school, check out our main site. Thanks for visiting!
W3Clove is now charity-driven

I've removed all ads from W3Clove.com and started a pledgie campaign to ask for donations to help me pay the hosting fees.

I've also copyedited the site to tell what it really is, a personal project run by a single developer (instead of all those enterprisey plurals "our spider..."), and included a brief history about how the project was born at the Mendicant University.

With all this, I try to find a way to produce not only software, but also online services that are monetary and ethically sustainable. I prefer removing ads and ask users directly for donations, making them conscious about the costs that every web service has.

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