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Hat Tip #1: Samnang Chhun

Mendicant University often has so much going on that it's hard to slow down and say thanks to the folks who are making a huge difference around here. However, I'd like to start doing exactly that by offering periodic hat tips to folks who have been doing excellent work for the school and the broader community.

While last month's push to improve Mendicant University's infrastructure saw tons of code contributions from over a dozen of our community members, I want to specifically thank Samnang Chhun for his efforts. It seems that someone forgot to tell Samnang that our focused month of contributing to Mendicant University's projects has ended, because he just keeps on sending in ideas and patches as fast as we can read them.

Thanks a lot Samnang, you're making Mendicant University a better place through your efforts. Keep it up!

Please feel free to email me suggestions for who should receive the next hat tip in recognition of their contributions to Mendicant University, the Ruby ecosystem, or the world.

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