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Global Hack Day #2, Thursday 3/8 19:00-03:00 UTC

Many Ruby users groups have periodic hack nights where folks get together and work on their own projects while sharing questions and ideas with one another. We'd like to do something similar here at Mendicant University, on a global scale.

If you'd like to show off one of your own projects, get a code review, or possibly help others with their projects, please join us in the #mendicant channel on Freenode on Thursday 3/8 between 19:00 and 03:00 UTC. How long you stick around is up to you, we welcome folks who just want to drop in and say hello as well as those who are looking for an eight hour long coding marathon.

The only important thing is that you come ready to work. That means either bringing your own code to hack on and discuss, or volunteering to help others with their projects, either by reviewing their code/ideas or by sending them some patches. Don't attend this event if all you want to do is trade cat pictures. :smile:

:star: This is a public event; all are welcome to participate. Spread the word!

PS: If you are a Mendicant University community member, please RSVP on this page if you plan on attending. Folks from the broader community are welcome to just drop in!

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