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A tiny hack to help Occupy Congress

Tonight, I stumbled across a great resource made by the folks who are organizing the January 17th Occupy Congress protest. It's a fact sheet on all 435 congressional representatives, including their top funding sources and how they voted on several important bits of legislature (NDAA, TARP, Healthcare Reform Act, SOPA sponsorship, etc.)

The problem is that they distributed this information as a single PDF file that is 40mb in size and several hundred pages long. Many folks were complaining in the comments about having trouble downloading the files due to the file size, so I figured I might be able to help out. Using OS X Automator I split the fact sheets out into individual files and extracted the text from the, and then processed them into an easy to navigate hierarchy with a crappy little Ruby script.

You can find the fact sheets broken out into individual pages over on Github now. I was inspired by Steve's "Don't be a slactivist" post and wanted to do a tiny bit to actively help a cause I believe in, so this opportunity came at the perfect time.

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