Hi Friend! This is a static copy of Mendicant's old Community Site. This project has been sunset therefore we are no longer updating it. For the latest news about the school, check out our main site. Thanks for visiting!

Mendicant University exists to support programmers in developing both their technical skills and their social contributions so that they can make a real positive impact upon the world.

Rather than having a particular fixed set of goals and ideologies, we prefer to be defined by what our community does. This website is designed to give our students and staff a place to share the things they've been working on as well as links to other works that they find interesting.

If you enjoy what you see here and want to get in touch with us, please check out the #mendicant IRC channel on Freenode.

NOTE: To a large extent, the original design for this website was based on Peter Cooper's RubyFlow, which is great resource for Ruby programmers. Our focus here is a bit different, but the format is quite similar. Similar to RubyFlow, this web application is free software, and you can find the source on github.